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Physical Therapy Evaluations & Treatments
  • For MA residents only

  • I offer in home pediatric physical therapy evaluations and treatment to patients in the Merrimack Valley, as an out of network provider.

  • I offer a comprehensive and individualized approach to help your child and your family meet your goals and needs.

    • Evaluation, treatment, follow-ups, equipment and orthotic information/resources.​

  • I also offer Teletherapy to patients in MA and those out of the Merrimack Valley.

  • Click here for current rates.

Wellness & Developmental Sessions


  • A virtual educational coaching session on how to play with your child to maximize their gross motor development and meet their motor milestones.​

  • Common topics: 

    • Tummy time troubles, gross motor milestones tips & help

    • Ways to help facilitate rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, running, jumping​

    • Head shape consults

  • Includes a 30-minute virtual session, and a follow-up email with activities, education and resources to further foster your child's gross motor development!​

  • Ages: newborn to 2 years old. You get to ask me anything!

  • *If I feel your child requires a comprehensive Physical Therapy evaluation, I can discuss options and local resources to you if you are not in the state of Massachusetts!

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