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babies in various developmental positions

Pediatric Physical Therapy & Wellness

Breaking down the milestones into inchstones through everyday play.  Educating & empowering parents to support their children to meet their motor milestones.  Providing services virtually and locally in MA (Essex & Middlesex counties) in the comfort of your home.


Karen Tanso, pediatric physical therapist, holding two babies in her lap

Hi! My name is Karen and I am a pediatric physical therapist.  I hope to empower all parents and caregivers with the knowledge, tools and confidence to support their child’s development no matter their background, experience, or season of life they are in.

I offer virtual developmental coaching sessions, pediatric physical therapy services (in MA), and free education via my blog and social media platforms! Not sure what service is right for you? Fill out the contact box below, or start a chat!


I can't wait to meet you and your little one! 

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Tummy Time Guide

Download this FREE 10 page PDF filled with:

  • Tips and tricks from a pediatric PT to improve baby's tummy time tolerance

  • Ways to incorporate tummy time into your daily routine

  • Tummy time activities for different age ranges

  • Links to some of my favorite tummy time toys

What are"Inchstones"?

Often the focus is so much on children achieving the big motor "milestones" (rolling, sitting crawling, walking, skipping, etc.)

For years I have been educating parents and caregivers that there are many smaller skills that need to be achieved and developed before the milestones are met and children succeed. Just like a butterfly has to start their life slowly inching along before they are able to spread their wings.

Especially if your child is having a hard time reaching their milestones, it is important to celebrate and appreciate the small "inchstones" along the way.

I believe that EVERY child is unique and child development should NOT be generalized.  To see how I break down the milestones into inchstones, check out some of my posts below, and make sure you are following me on social media for more! 

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Amazon Store Front

Looking for toy & product recommendations for your little one, or to gift a new baby in your life? Look no further! I have categorized all of my favorite toys based on age, activity and a must-have baby registry list! 

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases*

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